We are now taking Pre-Orders for the LONG URBAN TEE. We are offering one design, "HUMAN FIRST"  For the June batch we will have a limited qualities of sizes. If you are unable to order you will have to wait for the August batch of shirts.

OPTIONS: We will offer 12 "HUMAN FIRST" shirts. Please note we must receive at least 6 to order.  

SALES: All Sales Are Final, unless we do not receive enough orders, then your money will be refunded. 

STYLING: For a more slouchy look, order one size up. Please be mindful that these are not stretchy shirts and are in men's sizes. All shirts will come in black with white writing.

PRICING: The price is $22 which includes shipping. International orders, your invoice will include an extra $10 for shipping! 

ORDER: Please include in your order...




"UncommonHuman" OR "HUMANFirst" 

INVOICING: Invoices must be paid within 24hrs! Pre-orders will be taken from May 31st to June 16th! Please allow at least 30 days for your shirt to be shipped. This includes the pre-order window, shipping from manufacturer, then shipping to you.

Please specify whether you want your invoice to be sent via Square Cash or Paypal in the form. 



Name *
What design do you want?
Please include how your invoice should be sent. Then right below include your Paypal email or your Square Cash email or phone number.


You may use the customer care form for all further questions or you may text the customer care line at 214.444.3563


Don't forget to tag us! This shirt is bold and dope! You have to do it justice with a photo. Tag @human.collection and use the #TheHumanCollection for repost consideration!


You will receive four forms of communication

(1) Your invoice

(2) Confirmation of invoice paid/deducted 

(3) Email confirming order was placed

(4) Email confirming receipt from manufacturer. 

(5) Email confirming shipping to recipient.